A Talk on Philosophical Methodology by Dr Anand Vaidya

A Talk on Philosophical Methodology by Dr Anand Vaidya

Dr. Anand Vaidya (San Jose University) will be joining us for a talk as part of Series on Philosophical Methodology next Wednesday (7.30 PM). We would love to have you there! In case you are interested, please fill this form to receive the meeting link: https://forms.gle/zd1xYPadCQdseABb8.

You can also find more details at: https://www.ascphilosophydu.com/post/series-on-philosophical-methodology-talk-by-dr-anand-vaidya-san-jose-univeristy.

Thank you!


Thanks for the invitation. My sons tell me that although my intention is pure but it may hurt another person due to your poor English. I am like Kabir, not a learned person but in my poor English I try to convey Kabir and Osho’s message to people. My experience of ‘Philosia’ is used as authority to feel that they were right and awakened people or mystics. Still I will try my best. Perhaps that day it will resonate with me.

Thanks for the invitation. Yes, India has experimental philosophy, called Philosia, in its treasure. Only this is useful for people, in my opinion as I do not know much about others. Other western types, as their names suggested, can be of its help, now a days.
Perhaps I may join if it will resonate with me, me being alive too.

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