About Us

PhiloTreat guides people not just to become a Qualified being but a Celebrated being.

Story of Our Journey

The idea of Philotreat is to justify the fact that Philosophy is not just your WAY of life, it’s your TREAT of life that determines your ultimate END of life. 

What good is it to study philosophy at the same level as other scientific subjects if it won’t help you with your lifestyle choices, challenges, or vision?

To look at the problems of philosophy in the same way that our early philosophers did, we must unearth philosophy in all of its outer coverings.

To achieve this vision, PhiloTreat is regularly producing philosophical articles, organizing philosophical debates, contests and sharing the ideas of philosophy in the most preferred choices of life. 

What We Do For You

Philotreat encourages well-written philosophical articles for publishing on their website on a regular basis.

Philotreat organises National level webinars/ conferences/ contests/ Retreats to enhance the individual skills and promote group learning.  

Philotreat intends to work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to teach moral philosophy to street children. Any Philosophy graduate is welcome to contribute to the community’s mission and become an agent of change.

Personality Exploration

What does it mean to explore yourself? To find out, check our blogs and sessions of group discussion. 

Scholars club

To learn philosophy in a wider aspect, attend our courses that enhances your knowledge of philosophy.

Content writing Services

We create content that is tailored to your needs. Our content not only provides information but also encourages readers to take action.

Care Philosophy

This is our new way of changing people's lives. It features yoga philosophy, talent shows, mindfulness and meditation programs.

About Founder

Madhvi prasad- Writer, PhD Scholar, Philosopher, Public Speaker, Traveler, Vegan & Pet-lover

Madhvi is a PhD researcher, ICSSR fellow, philosopher, writer, and visionary who is always looking for innovative ways to achieve goals.

Her mission is to connect with like-minded people in order to elevate the field of philosophy to a new level. She is highly motivated to know philosophy deeply as well as broadly. She is a persistent learner who is willing to collaborate with other creative initiatives in order to enhance her skills and contribute to society as a whole.

Prayers for Universal Love & Well-being!


Let’s learn something together.