Add fun to your career life with Yoga

Add fun to your career life with Yoga

Today’s youth have a challenging task to adopt the appropriate profession amidst multiple career lists. The thought itself gives goosebumps. Choosing a rewarding career with no risk is a huge task. And many of us turn clueless on what to single out and what-not.

Can you imagine winning an excellent career with ZERO stress? Or is there a profession that benefits you handsomely without stress? Definitely, the answer is “NO. ”

But, if I tell you, there’s an occupation in which you can earn a good amount of money without becoming stressed! Would you believe me? Yes, yoga instructor jobs are spinning into a DREAM JOB for millennials.

While every other profession has pros and cons, the yoga instructor job is a bliss.

If we list out the benefits of being a yoga trainer, one would admire at the extra perks that a yoga profession serves. Let us discuss the “extra perks”.

Perfect Training in the Shortest Time

The minimum course duration for doctors, teachers, and lawyers is 5 years. The other professions would also involve your 2 years of hard work & dedications. With yoga, it’s completely a different journey. In a very brief period of two or three months, an optimal and certified yoga teacher finishes his or her course. Most people choose the career as a yoga instructor and get into an interesting lifestyle.

Yoga Everywhere

The world is advancing fast. People keep health needs aside to get growth in their careers. Because of this, health programs are popping up everywhere.

Let’s look out at the section where the career chances of yoga trainers are immense.

Office Yoga

Today we see people doing yoga in the offices to reduce their work stress.

The concept of work-place yoga is favored in today’s generation.

To teach yoga, companies are hiring yoga professionals. This shows job vacancies in corporate sectors too.

School Yoga

Schools Yoga is on the rise over the years.

Ensuring the personal, emotional and intellectual aspects of students, schools have scheduled yoga classes for students.

It acts as a great benefit for students to progress ahead in future life.

House Yoga

Apart from all this, individuals are hiring yoga teachers for the special training in the convenience level of their own residences.

Yoga Studios

The conventional way of practicing in yoga studios is again on the rise, which justifies that yoga is becoming omnipresent around the world.

Highly Paid Profession

Undoubtedly, yoga is one of the highest-paid specialties. If you are a Yoga instructor and teach three classes per day in a week(excluding Saturdays & Sundays)  at $75 per class, you would earn a hefty sum of $5,200 per month. Can you imagine earning a good amount of $5,200 a month without getting stressed? Yes, it’s a reality.

Yoga has No religion

Gone are the days when there were myths about Yoga which judges it as a Hindu thing.

The increased number of Yoga studios in the western part of society, especially U.S.A contradicts the very myth. Yoga into the middle-eastern countries is a sign that all accept it very well.

Marked career for Women

The female percentage of Yoga teachers is high compared to male Yoga teachers. According to the 2013 Yoga journal, 83% of people who teaches yoga are women while other 17% are male Yoga instructors.

However, time is changing. Yoga is slowly rejecting the belief that it’s a practice of women. In the coming years, men will be as equal to women in the yoga industry.

Be Active, Happy and Smart Forever

The very thought of job & career gets you into boredom, stress, fatigue and other psychological restraints. But Yoga is a profession which is free from all barriers. By circulating yoga training, a trainer could gain good health. Also, there are no deadlines in this profession.

The concept of ‘give and take’ is very much prevalent in this profession. By giving Yoga training, you become active, happy and smarter in life.

Yoga is All-Inclusive

Majorities have the perception that Yoga is all about doing poses and stretches. But Yoga is more than Asanas and stretches. Yoga involves meditation, Pranayama (Breathing Techniques), Yoga Mudra(Hand gestures) and other techniques of mindfulness. The focus is not only on the physical health and well-being but also on the emotional, psychological and physiological aspects. This enables an individual to achieve holistic growth and development.

The discussions on yoga as a profession proves that Yoga is crossing all the limits and becoming transparent to society. To get the instant advantage in your career, become a smart yoga trainer for a happy and blissful life. And if you are already a yoga instructor, then, start guiding others about this wonderful journey.

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