Ask a philosopher anything -Lecture Series

Ask a philosopher anything -Lecture Series

Few of us came up with this idea of beginning a series of a session titled: ASK A PHILOSOPHER. It primarily started in Brooklyn.

It will begin this Wednesday onwards. Our first speaker would be Professor Aakash Singh Rathore.

Ask A Philosopher Anything

Philosophy historically has been a public act – an act that engages with real problems and with real people. Whether philosophy is thought to be a form of dialogic engagement or the use of public reason, or the study of the self, the exercise of philosophizing has never shied away from its committed role – which is to keep probing and never settle. To be always uncomfortable, to be always engaged with the world and at the same time distant from it, has been the unhappy vocation of a philosopher.

In today’s world, when the problems have taken on global proportions, are we in danger of outsourcing the activity of thinking to the expert or to the bureaucrat, or to the person on a screen? This series is designed to bring the philosopher away from his or her academic or professional comfort space to the outside world and make him or she interact with the public space. This series is designed to bring all of us from our comfortable drawing rooms and gossip channels to meet the philosopher and ask the question that is burning inside all of us.

In each episode, we will invite a philosopher, from any persuasion, and make him or she interact with all of us – the public. Anyone is free to ask any questions. The only condition is that the question should not be personal.

We hope to see you all for this new engagement, dialogue.

Message from Dr. Richa Shukla Assistant Professor of Philosophy, OP Jindal Global Business School, OP Jindal Global University

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