Buxwaha Forest Issue- A Major Environmental Concern

Buxwaha Forest Issue- A Major Environmental Concern

Forest is important  

Forest is life. It is part of each of us. Unlike our ancestors, we are not having a direct relationship with forests, still our survival is wholly dependent on the forest resources. For animals and other mute beings, forest are the primary sources for survival needs. Their future is forest and still they could not afford to help in protecting forests from growing cruelty of humans.

Greed in humans

The most important question for humanity is, “why they are cruel to forest despite all the needs getting met by its vast resources?” The answer is “Greed”. It is well said that there is much resources available for human needs, but not for greed. The greed has destroyed the intelligence of humans. This greed is again bringing a havoc in the forest world, if not timely prevented.

Buxwaha forest – latest target of the human’s greed

This article is intended to raise awareness to prevent the cutting down of trees of Buxwaha forest for creating mining grounds. It is believed that the current project of Aditya Birla Groups Essel Mining & Industries Limited (EMIL) has planned to destroy over two lakh trees.  The project requires cutting down of 384 hectares in the Buxwaha protected forest located near village Sagoria. It is 80 km from Chattarpur district HQ and 260 km from Bhopal. This was some excerpts of the factual information we have.

Is diamond our need or greed?

Now the real question is, ‘what are we receiving after so much of cruelty?’ The answer is diamond. It is believed that diamonds turned popular after 19th century when the cutting and polishing techniques improved. Diamonds doesn’t come under essential needs of humans; it is the luxury which humans desires once his all need is met.

“Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends”

-Coco Chanel  

When we calculate the use of diamonds, it is no larger than the overall use of forests in our life. The purpose of diamond in our life is very limited. It can be our jewelry, heat absorbing devices, conductors, absorbents of negative energy, and just a partner in various therapies. It could not be compared to the advantages which forest brings to our life.

Forest is precious

Forest provides us food, medicines, raw materials for constructing houses, and natural shields from bad weathers. It also eliminates toxicity in air, absorbs harmful rays of atmosphere, provides shelter to animals and beings which maintains life cycles, and so on. The benefits that forests provide to humans is uncountable. It is our life source. For the reason of green layers in Earth surface, humans can thrive in the temperature of Earth. Otherwise, humanity would not have existed on Earth. Despite all these, we often act foolishly by taking forest for granted.     

Consequences of forest loss

With the importance of forest, we should also be talking about the consequences of loss of forest cover. Global warming, deforestation, and forest degradation are some of the top issues we are observing due to the forest loss. The prior need is to understand our ecology and eco system to prevent forest loss and deforestation.

Capitalism- a Misuse?

The tendency of humans to act for immediate capitalist gains needs to be checked out. Capitalism is a good concept until it is producing employment, reducing poverty, eradicating hunger, bringing development to a Nation. In case, it is taking away the peace, quality of air, natural resources, then it’s doing no good to human era.

Principles of sustainability

The sustainability is the principle which takes care of need of people of present and future. Considering the principle of sustainability, there is a higher need to preserve the nature and its vital resources. We could enjoy our life because our ancestors had preserved natural resources for us. Today, whatever we will preserve, is going to be in use for our future generations.   

Are promises fake?

The Buxwaha project is a developmental project that primarily focuses on diamonds and also promises to fulfil the needs of poverty and well-being of locals there. It could provide employment, create township, attract investors, and is aimed to bring fortunes for the country’s GDP. How long we could depend on such promises is still a question. In case, we blindly rely on the baseless promises, we will lose the very center on which our whole survival is dependent.

Lessons from past

We still haven’t learned from our ongoing fight with corona virus pandemic, which has brought oxygen shortages, and made us aware of the importance of oxygen in our life. Again, we are choosing the wrong path which can bring greater havoc in future. We need to take a lesson from past for a better future tomorrow.  

Methods to save forest

We could save forest if each of us follows an approach. If we unanimously say NO to non-essentials things of life, then businessmen, Government and industrialists would fail to lure us for their so-called valuables like diamonds. They will fail to influence us into buying the products which just occupy the space of our store room and do nothing else. This will lead to the minimum production of products and hence minimum cutting of trees for manufacturing purposes. If we focus on needful consumption, then human needs could be managed and forest could be saved.

Latest formulae to save our forest:
Minimum production= Needful consumption.

Save Forest. Save Life

Describing the objects around  

The notion of “description” or giving fixed identity to everything is harmful. Example- Tiger as Maneater, Diamond to GDP growth, Tribals to poor or uneducated people, etc. When we are giving a negative characteristic to an object, then we are building a quality of aversion towards that object. This may create a feeling in our mind that an object is harmful, and if not avoided, could lead to danger. For the reason of bad description, humans are either killing or capturing tigers, extracting diamonds, and brainwashing tribals to leave forest space.    

Changing mentality and Generating awareness.

Buxwaha forest is livelihood of locals and tribals around. It is our life sources and gems for meeting our life needs. We need to change our mentality towards forest and wildlife. We need to generate an awareness for the protection of forest. For this, we need to take a pledge to do maximum plantation of trees and make our surroundings green. We need to understand the priority of situation. Now I would conclude with the most important dictum for today’s generation-

 “Diamond is luxury, but forest is necessity.”

Make sure to share the information. The more we share, the more people will remain informed of the cruel plans of authority. Thanks for reading!

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