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During this Pandemic crisis, humans have knowingly or unknowingly surrendered to God. With no cure and a lesser way to live a good life, they are now showing interest in the subject of theology. This essay will answer the problems of nature of God, its forms & definition, its belief in various religions, theology practice, and the relevance on present crises. Concept of God in Theology Theology studies the nature of God and beliefs in religious practice. It’s important to explore the nature of God in the diverse religious culture. It is helpful to understand the religions approach to problems. At the beginning of civilization, humans would generally address prayers to natural resources. The ancient tales and custom practices have revealed the interest of humans to the unexplored truths of nature. Our five major elements of Earth, water, fire, air, and ether are available in each being. Thus, the elements…

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Holi is the Hindu festival of colours. It is the festival of love, friendship, unity and happiness. The festival marks the victory of good over evil. The holy fire is lightened the night before the occassion of holi. This signifies the Holika Dahan, the great bonfire. Holika is the sister of King Hiranayakashyap. Holika died in the fire despite being blessed with the power of immortality. This marks the beliefs that evil is always destroyed no matter how strong it is. Holi is also celebrated as an end of the season of winter and start of summer. The holi is celebrated to heal broken relationships and personal feuds. To enhance the beauty of this day, people celebrate with colours, distribute sweets, eat delicacies, thrill with dance & loud beats, have parties, throw colours and gulals and rejoice the moments. The festival of colour, play and fun is similar to the…

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SATYAM (Truth) SHIVAM (Goodness) SUNDARAM(Beauty) is the wholeheartedly accepted philosophy in Hindu Religion. It means Truth always exists both before & after creation and even when everything is destroyed and as a result, nothing exists. It is unaffected by time, space and other transcendental boundaries. The good persists as long as the truth is, standing always by the side of truth. Beauty is not defined by any external appearance but only by the innate qualities of Truth and Goodness. Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram are the three qualities which completely describe Mahadev or Lord Shiva. The great Hindu festival- MahaShivratri is celebrated every year in Luni Solar month of Hindu. Though Shivratri is celebrated throughout the year, the auspicious Mahashivratri falls on 13th & 14th day of the month Falguna(Hindu Calendar) which is either February or March in Georgian calendar. This Year 2019 we celebrated MahaShivratri enthusiastically on 4th March. ‘Ratri’…

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