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Initiating research in philosophy is never easy. You may have lots of ideas to start with but you may not be aware of the correct Methodology. You may also feel low when people won’t be so pleased with the wonderful topic you want to conduct research at. Before we start explaining other people- “the importance of our philosophical research”, we ourself should know its complete worth. Philosophical research is mainly theoretical and so you don’t need to conduct practical experiments and collect empirical data. All experiments are done in your mind itself. Your mind is your personal laboratory where you would be conducting your research work.  Philosophical Research-  BASICS  It doesn’t bother about ‘what is?’ and ‘what isn’t?’ rather it deals with ‘what should be?’ And therefore, it is normative in nature. It is a Qualitative type of Research. You don’t need to conduct numerous surveys, long-lasting calculations and reaching…

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