Duties- A type of disease

Duties- A type of disease

You are always remembered for how you act, no matter how you feel.” We are bound to do something in our lives, and that’s called our ‘duties’. Duties are considered as an important part of human life. A person is defined by the duties he serves towards others. The type of duties differs from a person to his status. There is a difference between ‘need’ and ‘seek’. What we need to do, is considered as our duty; and what we seek to do is termed as our choice. We should live on our choices, but societies compel us to live on needs. We fulfil the needs by the Commandment of duties.

It is likely to happen that duties turn into a source of attachment. It is our internal drive to finish a task within a given period of time. We are motivated by our mentors to fulfil a task and accomplish our duties. We see others achieving their duties and getting rewards and those who are unable to manage their duties are neglected and hated.

In Indian Philosophy, the attachment is described as a negative quality. One must not keep any form of the feelings of attachments. It can ruin a person life and take him away from the main goals of life i.e., liberation. For seeking liberation, one must keep away from all kinds of forms of attachments. It is not an easy tasks to keep ourselves away from desires and attachments. It requires a great set of mind and will power to free us of attachments. ‘Giving up’ things is a slow and steady process but once we acquire the skill it would not be difficult to stay away from unhealthy desires.

In Mahabharata, Shri Krishna advises Arjuna to follow duties without feeling any form of attachments to relatives and friends. The duty was to fight in the war, and he should only concentrate on the job. Therefore, everyone must sincerely commit to duties. But we should not be attached personally to our tasks. While many consider duties as an integral part of life, it is upon us to choose the duties wisely. The duties based on self-choices are often completed with a sincere effort.

According to the views of Swami Vivekananda, Duty is a sort of chronic disease. It is defined as chronic because duties are a long-form task. It is not acute and for a short period of time. It slowly becomes bondage and ends as one’s personal nature or character. People need to get involved in it continuously. Duties, no doubt create a probability of attachments.  
What does it conclude? Should we not follow our duties? Should we avoid doing what we should do in our life? A great no! Duties are important and so one must work continuously to accomplish duties. But, our duties and work should be free from any kinds of attachments. When there will be no attachments, then there will be no frustrations of failure. In such a case, people would honestly engage in duties and serve the nations to achieve higher goals in life.

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