Galileo Dialogue’s in Short

Galileo Dialogue’s in Short

Galileo, a 16th-century astronomer, physicist, scientist, Philosopher and a thinker has revolutionized the world with his major developments in Astronomy and science. Despite his major contributions, he didn’t get the credit he deserved. But, the world isn’t always cruel. After his departure from the world, his work got recognition and now he is known as ‘the Father of Modern Science’.

‘Dialogues on the two chief world system’ was written by Galileo in Italian and got published in 1632. In this Dialogues, three characters are introduced- Salviati(represents Ptolemy, Copernican and Galileo thoughts), Simplicio(literal meaning ‘simple-minded’ & represents Aristotle) and Sagredo(an unbiased layman & seeker of truth). The Dialogue between these three guys goes on for 4 days.

Galileo is popularly known for his Hypothetical statements. He would prove most of his hypothesis through Experiments. Some Hypothesis proves right for Galileo, but some of his statements is a generalization of his own thoughts with no specific background proofs. His two Hypothesis- Heavens incorruptible and Earth’s perfection as other heavenly bodies(discussed in opening Dialogues) are such kind of assumption which he completely believed to be true. His methods of Hypothesis, Experiments and conclusions became popular in later day modern science.

His reasonings on diurnal rotation of Earth, the heliocentrism, telescope glancing, and theory of Tides is well explained in his text ‘Dialogue’. Here I am trying to provide the summary of Text for quick understanding.

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