Humanity is a Human problem

Humanity is a Human problem

We all are aware that conditions of humans are deteriorating due to the Global impacts of COVID infection. But Is humanity also declining? This is the question we all should raise to the point where we hesitate- to help our neighbors, to guide the lost one, to support the poor, to buy from small traders, to care elderly, and to feed animals, only to fear getting infected. We know infection is dangerous, but the fading away of humanity, is even more danger. It’s not shocking that we’re insensitive to the alerts of global warming, rising sea levels, widespread forest fires that kills innocent animals, deforestation, soil erosion, and so on. And now the human problems also seem unimportant for us. Do we realize where humans are leading? Even the ideology of unity, morality, brotherhood, and harmony seems insufficient in the face of humanity’s deteriorating state. With all this, we are only inviting trouble to our generation ahead.

It is high time now we understand, support and try to resolve the cause of others instead of turning our back to someone’s misfortunes. After nature, it is humans who could create, destroy and preserve. Letting others to die helplessly is equivalent to destroying. If the quality of destruction becomes dominant in human traits, then nobody could prevent from future havoc.

It’s a call to all of us to recognize our inner humanity and do whatever we can to save others from dying hopelessly.


I agree, things can look pretty grim, but we can always have ‘hope’. Never underestimate the power of the human spirit.

True. Hope is the only remedy keeping us united and strong. On the other hand, I really don’t know much about the power of human spirit as we have done very little to explore its actual depth.

We are part of the earth and its biosphere, yet we have set ourselves against this through over-exploitation. So our civilisation will decline, indeed the signs are already there, until we change direction. This is the task of current and next generation.

Yes right. Scripture reveals that God will once again take human form to save humanity. I don’t know how far it can go true, but I think this is the time we identify godliness within.

I fully agree with you.
My father is a surgeon. He instructed us all to wear mask and sanitise hands or wash hands ‘for at least two years’.
I think apart from all measures you suggested, looking at level and kind of education poor people have received, i take it my personal responsibility to inform all such vendors that for two years they have to wear mask, follow sanitisation/hand wash and maintain social distance. This virus takes our data like that in mobile and learn from our body to change itself to again attack on us. Wearing mask etc stops sharing of data to it. This way only it can be made weak in two years.
Government failed badly to convey this message. Their whole system is based on how to get more votes from each booth. This just needs a big team of fools and they are kept feeding such info for five years! No other distraction is possible otherwise they will loose their power at centre/state.

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