‘I want to change, tell me how to?’

‘I want to change, tell me how to?’

Ask yourself honestly, ‘How many times you went to somebody, and framed this kind of question to embrace change?’ For many of us, it might be our regular thing to inquire with our friends, family, or personality development coach. Here I am not going to bother you with tips & techniques to change personality or lifestyles. Perhaps, this write-up would criticize this whole statement which we are using since uncertain point of time.

Right from the time, we understand our mind & body, we try to fit into it some patterns, forms, ideology, customs, criteria, and authority of someone we hardly know. To get a change in life, we seek the experiences, knowledge, and authority of others. The “other” would have undergone the same kind of procedures he requested from the other unknown. And like this way, we go on following the unknown authorities without inquiring into its worth. The authority of a book, teacher, wife, husband, parent, friend, and society is always ruling an individual mind, every-time he seeks to do something in life. And then, the same individual again inquires someone else about bringing change. This is exactly the same as searching for the new road, while moving towards the same old road.

‘The imposed order always breed disorder.’

J. Krishnamurti

The burden of orders which we keep within us- make us dull, lowly, disinterested, and unhappy. Once we get rid of all the orders, we start feeling energetic, happy, filled with new ideas. We get a fresher dimension to reflect upon self. When we could reflect upon our- self then definitely we could change, transform, and become a whole new. This throwing away of old orders, bring a new enthusiasm, a new space, and a new energy to know self, and take decisions.

In this fresher dimension, there is no fear of making a mistake, no fear of doing right or wrong. A different rays of energy radiates within self. And that energy brings revolution on its own. There is nothing new to be done.

Simply speaking, heading towards authority for changing self, brings the burden of another authority. And in this manner, the burden increases. The person gets confused in all this, and he goes on following others. In this way, he skip the real aspect of life. The real aspect is to free ourselves from all the burdens, and create a new space, which could radiate enough energy to guide the self the right directions to follow.

Reference: Freedom from the known by J.Krishnamurti

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