‘Integral Humanism’ & ‘Criticisms of Western culture’-Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay

‘Integral Humanism’ & ‘Criticisms of Western culture’-Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay

‘Integral humanism’ is an approach to the fundamental way of living. It is a measured, accurate and natural way of living one’s life. Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay is the propagator of ‘Integral humanism’. He was against the complete adoption of the Western theory of communism and capitalism. In Communism, all property belongs to the community and the individual gets according to its needs. Whereas capitalism is the socio-economic system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for its profits.

Pandit Deendayal against Media ‘Distortion’

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay believes in loyalty and truth. He was against the media policy who fakes the news to grab attention. His words ‘don’t distort the news’ still hasn’t produced any echoes in the ear of some media sector. Media, generally try to alter the actual news to gain attention from masses.

Western Culture is not Yours

The adoption of western culture to uplift our society is negative concepts which was criticised badly by Pandit Deendayal. He was of the opinion that when our own religion, faith and culture are leading Indian society from past 1000 of years, then it can continue doing it for further years. The firm belief in Western cultures is wrong. Western culture looks and sounds good, but internally they also have some defects or limitations.

The scientific developments and progress in Western culture could very well be accepted. The scientific advancements are universal, and so there is nothing wrong in their acceptance. But, politics and culture should always originate from one’s own land.

Americans are said to be the richest. They could buy anything, also other countries, but the truth is they can’t buy their own happiness. They are suffering and don’t have a proper direction to live their life. They are indulging in habitual drugs intake, inappropriate sex, wasting money and ending life by suicide. Swami Vivekananda has said rightly that when we can’t satisfy our own soul, then there is no use of the accumulation of the materialistic wealth.

Dr Shyam Prasad Mookherjee- Jansangh

Dr Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, founder of Jansangh was so much impressed by the theory of Pandit Deendayal that he said proudly; “if I had two Deendayals, I could transform the political face of India.”

Pandit Deendayal believes in Indianisation of the concepts of leadership and governance. According to him, the western concepts of ‘individualisation’, ‘communalism’, ‘democracy’, ‘socialism’, ‘capitalism’, ‘culturalism’ is wrong.

Our Mother India is ‘sujala’ and ‘sufala’ (flowing with water and laden with fruits). Our Indian soil has everything to give us. It has enough potentials to withdraw resources from its own land and distribute accurately to its people. Depending totally on foreign cultures is neglection of our own potentialities.

Indianisation of politics & culture

“Ekatma manava darshan”- integral philosophy should be the sole guiding spirit for the development of our nations. Our Indian philosophical beliefs and values are so vast that it can feed the need of the nation for coming 100 generations. Despite the home of many brave heart philosophers and freedom fighters, western people have a belief that we don’t have a proper philosophical base. For this, the solution is to begin understanding the root of our origin, so that we began realizing our actual strength.

The Aryans came to India and produced the finest culture. The culture was so moralized and standardized that even the Western people got influenced. Blaming the worth of Indian soil is a crime. We, as Indians should at least believe in the strength of our own land, countrymen, scriptures and should take the knowledge, beliefs and values for the upliftment of the society for coming generations.

The theories of West could be taken as righteous and true at some places but not at all the places.  Their theories of ‘isms’ are not ultimate or epitome of the various concepts of the nationalism, socialism and capitalism.

Criticism of Western Culture

Amid protests of Western cultures by contemporary philosophers, the Western thoughts could be criticised for not being stable in a manner of transformations through the following three phases:

In the first phase, Western people don’t have any direct communication with God. They believe in the authority of saints or religious leaders for having all sorts of conversations with God. Western people don’t have any sole right to involve in religious processions of God. In contradictions, Indians have different views, opinions, faiths in religious matters. In every corner of Indian territory, you could find different faith flourishing. India has diverse faith, belief and culture. They have different opinions about the same thing. Despite so much diversification, they are connected to their own soil and that’s the major reason for the strong unity of the Indian community.

In the second phase, western culture felt the limited need for some authority between the seeker and the sought. They realised that they could follow their own faith independently without any indulgences of outside authority. They started believing in more personal faith and culture. Their bondings with God turned more strong and spiritual. From religions, the masses were switching now to the spiritual establishments.

In the third phase, the existence of the concepts of religion was falsified. It was attacked on the basis that religion deceives an individual towards its ultimate goals. Religion diverts the person from the theory of self-realization. Religion tells an individual to do so-and-so thing without any proper benefits. Religion is based on the authority of old texts, saints words, books and discussions. It is not written by the ultimate power so it could not be called as a perfect one.

Even the western culture was not perfect in the theory of their religions, and, therefore, it would be wrong to completely accept the religious views of the West.

Conclusively, the religious and political views keep on altering from time to time and so it won’t be right to completely stick to one cultural belief.

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Nationalism

Nationalism is the identification with one’s own nations and support for its interests. We should feel part of our country. We should be able to identify with our country’s growth and developments. We cannot consider guidance from the West in every arena. We should possess our own thoughts inspired by own country.

Life should be well thought with minimum repercussions. It should not be neglected or left for fate or destiny or day of judgements. Our life should be well defined and completely relevant. All our activities should be achieved meaningfully. Even the gratification of senses should give meaning to life and should be based on Dharma. Unthoughtful living takes us nowhere. “The unexamined life isn’t worth living” is the famous sayings of Socrates.

When we learn to value our life and live each moment with happiness, we live strong and healthy. Our life should be meaningful and relevant to ourselves and others.

If ever we feel like contributing any thoughts and values to society, we shouldn’t hesitate. The development of the nation is in our hand. We shouldn’t miss any opportunities to contribute what we know. Remember, every brick is responsible for the construction of a house. And so, every human is responsible for the country’s Nationalism.

Thank you for being a vivid reader. I hope you liked the above-mentioned concepts. To add more, please comment. Happy reading!

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