Is this a moment of awakening?

Is this a moment of awakening?

The entire world is under the threat of Corona virus and many of us are forming an opinion to deal with its impacts. Quarantine and lock-down are implemented all across the affected Nations. The process will add nothing new but stabilize everything to reduce the impacts. If the planets stop moving, the creatures won’t survive. We are not supposed to stop our doings, we need to be awakened mindfully. We have to take precautionary measures and realize the importance of all beings.

Many people are enjoying their holidays and praying for everything to settle soon. Many are frustrated with the ongoing process and trying to distract the system. In this sensitive period of time, the only thing going to work is the process of awakening. We are lucky to perceive global problems and sit safely at home. Think about the people who are working day and night to make our surroundings safer. Think about them who are not getting their daily bread.

When we have got such a wonderful opportunity to think, then why are we lagging behind? The process of awakening should be started now. Start perceiving the problems and go back to the source from where the problems arrived. Pledge to avoid taking the actions which could harm our-self as well as our planet. Start the fresh lists of habits that include caring for other beings too. Realize the sufferings of other animals and take initiative to make them feel safe.

This planet is our responsibility. This body is our responsibility. And this mind is us. We are so tiny in this huge world. But, with our little-bit actions, we could make this huge world safe and livelier. Get into the process of awakening before it turns too late. The future is in our hand. Take initiatives before the future slips down just like grains of sand.

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