Know your mind

Know your mind

Happiness is pleasant state of mind. Our happiness depends upon three important things- object, people, and circumstances. So, we could relate why we feel happy on meeting our friend and sad on meeting person we dislike. It is not very clear where our mind is located as it couldn’t be physically detected. But, we could understand its functionality for the purpose of complete well being.

Our mind is very important to perceive the world. The five senses plays an important role in perception, but it’s only our mind which can give true meaning to what we perceive. We generally feel stressed when we aren’t comfortable with our mindset. The psychosomatic conditions(physical illness caused by internal stress) and the mental problems of worry, fear, anger, anxiety could be a threat for the overall well being of humans. And that’s the reason, stress could be defined as feeling of discomfort in both body and mind. It generally happens that we give enough attention to our bodily needs but we often forget our mind. In all this, it becomes impossible to completely eliminate the stressful feelings troubling us.

Breath is the physiological process which directly impacts the level of well being. Our breath makes us understand the possibility of stress. The irregular breath is an indication of underlying stress. To control the stress, we should control our breath. Ancient yoga practices like Kriya Yoga(yoga of action), Sudarshan Kriya could help control the breathing rhythm and takes us towards stress-free lifestyles. Kriya or activities to regulate our breathing is very much effective to control the occurring of useless thoughts in our mind. When our mind is in a thought-less state, then it is said to be extremely relaxed and free from any stress.

The yoga practices which helps us to regulate our breath are also called as meditation. Simply, Meditation is observances of one’s thought and gradually relaxation of complete body. It is discovered that there are 108 techniques of meditations. The meditations can provide multiple benefits including stress relief, improving memory, making relationship stronger, and progressing our creativity.

Overall, we understand that stress is a foreign element which can impact the productivity of mind and body. Stress could completely be eliminated by understanding our mindsets and pattern of our breath. So, it makes sense to get into meditation practices for complete negation of illness and stress. Moreover, Our mind is a lovely place where the thoughts come from. If our mind is in trouble so we’d be stressed all the time and couldn’t comfortably live our lives. Understanding our minds and meeting its demands could give us a wonderful opportunity to live, discover and enjoy.

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