Meditation & Philosophy

Meditation & Philosophy

It seems obvious that many ancient saints and philosophers were engaged in deep meditation procedures & practices. They wanted to know the epistemology of the world. Every idea that strikes the philosophers is not instinct based or knowledge-driven, but some ideas are procured through the art of meditations or knowing self.

Idea of Meditation

Meditation is the art of getting knowledge of the deepest value of philosophy through the basic methods of analysing and knowing self. It can be done through any forms of sitting, sleeping, or doing any other daily activities. It is said that the great Western Philosopher Kant used to sit in his armchair after dinner and engage in deep thinking.

The idea of meditation is to calm our mind so as to make it workable for the process of productive thinking. Many times waste or toxic ideas keeps ruling our mind. And, for these reasons, we aren’t able to push our-self in productive thinking. Also, we aren’t able to completely stir our mind for the best solutions to a problem. Conclusively, life seems unjustified to us and everything we do turns out to be meaningless.

Why Meditation?

The constant flow of energy through the different parts of our body is responsible for our healthy life. Sometimes the negativity and the toxic thinking blocks the flow of energy in our body. When the flow of energy is blocked, then our 100% efforts aren’t able to provide a 100% results. We are heartbroken by the fact that our hard work is not bringing positive results.

In such conditions, the most important thing to do is to fix the flow of the energy so that it is equally distributed in every part of our body. This process of fixing the flow of energy is called as channelizing of energy. When we have rightly channelized our energy, then our efforts definitely brings 100% results.

The art of channelizing of energy is possible only through the art of meditations. When we have proper energy flow in our body, we can do any impossible tasks.

Remember Descartes Interactionism, which talks about the proper communications of mind and body for the proper functioning of our being. The barrier in communication between the mind and the body is the blockage of energy inside us. Once the energy blockage is removed, then the mental and physical state works at their best.

Importance of self

Self makes us aware of others. But, what is that which makes us aware of the self? Have we ever thought of this? No, we are trying to know each and everything in this universe. But, we have never made any positive efforts to know thy self. The true knowledge of self can give us the strength to handle any forms of problems in our life. When we have sufficient knowledge of self, we seem to be practical & satisfied with the on-going process of life. And, therefore, we are ready to accept the functioning as well as challenges of life.

Where to learn Meditation?

There are various meditation centres in India- The Brahmakumaris, The Pyramid Valley International, Baba Ramdev Yoga & Meditations, The zen & The Buddhist meditations and many other independent communities providing guidance in the arts of meditations.

Recently, I have attended the group meditations session of Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore. When I went inside the huge pyramid, I was struggling with many problems in my head. I went inside and sat calmly inside the pyramid zone while listening to the Traditional flute music played in the background. I realized that my mind started turning calm and the problems which I was dealing with got sorted automatically.

Inside the Pyramid Valley, I experienced 100% calmness and positivity. I realized my toxic energy getting away, and positive waves getting transferred inside me. I recommend meditations for all those who are juggling with their independent problems of life.

Preparations for rightful meditations

The noble eight paths of Buddhism consists of – Right view, Right resolve, Right speech, Right conduct, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right Samadhi( or following right techniques of meditations).

In order to follow the rightful meditations, we have to feed our mind the right food, the right words and the right company of people around us.

The right food means the intake of ‘Sattvic food’ and non-taking of -‘Non-Vegetarian food’, ‘addictives’ and ‘expired food’. When we intake food depending on bodily needs, then we can direct our mind in rightful meditations. (To know more on the concepts of Vegetarianism, please click here.)

The right words signify that we should say and hear the right kinds of words. We must avoid saying or listening to any negative words.

The right company of people around us could take us a very long way. The river moving in the direction of wind appears abundant and fresh. While the river which flows opposite to the direction of wind sometimes appear stagnant & dirty.

Therefore, the right food, the right words, and the right kind of people around could help a lot in enacting rightful meditations.

Benefits of Meditations

Meditations connect us very well to the purpose of our life. It not only shapes our goals but also helps us to reach towards it.

One thing to note down is, we can’t completely eradicate negativity from our lives. But, we can direct the negativity not to harm us in any way.

Here, I am adding some points on the benefits of meditations. But, this isn’t the final list as the benefits are numerous. The one who practices meditations could tell you the unlimited benefits.

1. Physical fitness– As I have mentioned earlier, the meditation process helps to remove the negative energy out of our body. It helps in maintaining proper connections between the physical state and the soul resting inside us.

2. Mental wellness– The number one technique to cure any mental illness is meditation. Meditation helps to remove the negative energy from our mind, so space is created for the intake of positive energy. When our mind is not calm, we cannot experience peace. Hence, meditations help to calm our mind and feel peace.

You may have heard the story where a disturbed disciple comes to Buddha and ask for the solutions to his life problems. The Buddha, then ask him to collect clean water from the lake nearby. When the discipline bent to collect the water, the Buddha would throw a stone and the dirt would turn up. This process continues, and then the discipline finally said to him that he is unable to collect clean water because of the dirt rising up. On this, the Buddha explains to him that the negative thoughts are the same as a stone thrown in clean water. It disturbed the mind and makes it unclean. Once we are able to calm our mind and eradicate negative thoughts, then we could get solutions to any problems in our life.

3. Social life– Our social status is defined by the relationships we hold for a longer time. By the art of meditations, we learn to maintain our social life and make it productive and useful.

4. Spiritual life– When we do meditations, we communicate with our soul. From materialistic life, we switch our scope to intellectual life. We seek mental satisfaction more than bodily desires. Generally, we make great progress in our life when we are well coordinated spiritually.

5. Personal life– In our personal lives, we have to deal with lots of things. Our family, friends, work seek equal importance. In this, we forget to set priorities for different things of life. We are totally fed up with managing various responsibilities, that we often lose interest in self. To keep self-interest alive forever in our life, we should follow the meditation techniques. If you want to learn more about responsibilities and how to deal with it, you could follow here.

To summarise, we now know the importance of meditations in our life as well as in the life of others. It is easy to accept now that the meditations help us very well to know our philosophy of life. It helps us to understand and know the various ideas which could be useful for the progress of self and which can take us towards higher developments. Philosophers and saints have used the meditations techniques in their lives to acquaint us with the various important ideas valuable in present days.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that the meditations and philosophy has a deep connection. Once we understand the concept of meditations, we would definitely be able to understand the subject philosophy well.

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