Nothing is Repetitions

The past is past, the present is present and the future is future. Every moment is different. Moments never repeat itself and so do we. Our body, senses, mental condition, mind, and intelligence, either grows, multiply, or extinct there itself as we take one step ahead in our journey of life. In all these, we need to find the degree to which it is possible to attain absolute and complete contentment in life.

 In general way, we seem to categorize our life in the periods of school days, college time, career struggle, work place, marriage, children, old age, etc. But in reality, these all are stages under which lies millions of unrepeated moments whereby, we engage in college fun, make friends, enter in a committed relation, fulfills duty, hurt sentiments of others, care for other being, break laws, travel abroad and so on.  In mid of all these moments, there are other secret events where we are angry for some habits, sad for some loss, amazed for a miracle, happy for a wish fulfilment, excited for a result, frustrated for non-performance, and so on. In all these reactions, there are other hidden desires where we are thinking about our reunion party, planning our retirements, focusing on target, counting for an important day, expecting guests, and so on. Among these desires, there are other moments of motivation, experiences, learning, trying, presenting, etc.

       So, we see the moments are never same, the experience is always different, the person is ever-changing, and self is ever evolving. Repetition is a myth. It doesn’t occur. By understanding the reality of repetitions, we should try to reject all desires to live in the past either by indulging on addiction to memory or by the actual physical recreation of a set of once familiar circumstances. [1] 

In all the above- mentioned situations of life, we go on turning sick for past memories, past days, gone moments, loss soul, previous actions, psycho-physical experiences and so on. It’s same like dropping a glass of water in a vast ocean, and looking for same water of glass again in ocean. It’s almost impossible. Isn’t it? So why do we look for the past experiences again on once dropping it at vast ocean called life? Isn’t it insane?

Losing the present moments for enjoying the memories of past seems enjoyable for most of us. It seems like we are almost repeating the moments in our dreams, imaginations, mind-theories, words of mouth, etc. But isn’t it same like trying to slow down the fast-running train to enjoy the scenic beauty passing behind? We know we can’t stop train, and so we keep on peeping out through windows, until the train of life, takes us far away. On someone’s loss, we are looking for the same person to return without understanding that the person has reached its existential destiny or he has dropped down to his platform, and our train of life has again started moving.

No matter how hard we try to stay back at the past moments, the train of life keeps pulling us towards our destiny. The journey and our destiny are final. There is nothing we can do to repeat what has already gone. We could just keep on helping, caring, and inspiring fellow passengers to look ahead and wait for the right time to enrich our lives by meeting destiny of our existence.

[1] Ferguson, Robert The School of Life. Life Lessons from Kierkegaard [Paperback] Robert Ferguson, The School of Life. Main Market Ed., Pan Macmillan UK, 2021.