Nothingness in our Real World

Nothingness in our Real World

Nothingness is the absence of existence. It is known as a negation of every reality of fact. We often say there is nothing like a magic door or square circles. ‘Ex-nihilo, nihil fit’ It says ‘out of nothing comes nothing’. However, it is believed that God has created this world out of nothing i.e., Ex-nihilo. But, We are helpless humans and we can’t get any damn thing out of this ‘nothing’.

The contemporary world is the idea of the present age. This present age has got various concerns- the social and political changes, religious wars, ethnic conflicts, issues of technologies, finance, health care, overpopulation, climate change, poverty, illiteracy, disease, killings, death, regression, migration and distressing social life.

When we are continuously juggling with different issues of this contemporary world, we often don’t realise the inner us. We are so engrossed in the outer world that we really forget who we are? Why we are? And where we are?

Just for an instance,

We work hard to score highest in our studies; we are successful in our endeavour. But when our own parents say, “You scored only 99.9% and not 100%, we feel we are nothing.”

We try to conquer heaven and hell, only to get married to the person we love, but when the same person leaves us for some reason, we feel we are nothing.

We often try to make use of our status, achievement and power to rule over others, to show others our so-called great life?  But, the dark reality is that inside us we are nothing. Each day passes in an applaudable success in work, health, career, money, family and societal life. But, still, we are not able to sleep peacefully during the night. The life-related problems are haunting us forever only to make us realise at the end that we are nothing.

By dealing with this illusory problems, sometimes we often lose our selfhood and take extreme steps of ending the self only to leave proof that we are really nothing.

This nothingness often takes our lives.

This nothingness kills real us.

This nothingness takes everything from us; our health, wealth, family, friends, and our own self.

Nothingness was in past, is in present and will be in future.

How could we find the ultimate solution?

This nothingness is so powerful that ultimately in every situation we realise that we are nothing.

Why can’t we accept from the initial stage of life that we are nothing? When we accept that we are nothing and everything we achieve in this life (the pleasure, pain) is just the part of us and not us. Then, whatever we gain or loss would not affect us so intensely to not able to identify the real self.

To remind once again ”Ex-nihilo, nihil fit”

As Hamlet said, ‘Apple doesn’t become nothing, but they cease to be apples.’
‘Human beings do not become nothing but they cease to be human beings.’
‘Life doesn’t turn into nothing, but it ceases to be.’

When everything ceases to be, only ‘self’ remains in continuation. When we understand self and give importance to it, we understand that things would come and go, one-time life is happy and the other time it is full of sorrow.

Here we need to understand that everything is part of us, when everything ceases to be, and we feel like nothing, we should look inwards us and remind us; the temporary has left and only the permanent remains i.e. SELF.

If you are still struggling with your life to realize the real self then read the concluding quotation and I am sure you will feel much better.

“The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you will tolerate.”

“Most people do not fear sleep, however, because they expect to wake up. If the analogy holds, we would not fear death, because we would simply expect to wake up.”


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