Undeniably, February is the most awaited & very special month of year 2019. You might be going crazy as there are days arranged chronologically for rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, a lot more & the ultimate valentine’s day. Why this most celebrated Western culture has been accepted & embraced in Eastern region? Why all over the world location like US, Canada, Australia, France, South Korea, China & India, people are geared up for this sweet celebration? Ofcourse, there is celebration of love, fertility, victory, togetherness, bravery, courtesy, emotions and happiness. And, what else? Curiosity was turning me restless. Therefore, I searched this secrets in depth and found the relevance of this day. But, this is no longer a secret as I am revealing it by here only. So hold on wherever you are, you will be amazed, alarmed, concerned, horrified but ultimately you will feel happy &…

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Enlightenment is a word closely connected to Buddhism. Bodhi, in Sanskrit & Pali means enlightenment. The true meaning of ‘Bodhi’ is to attain perfect wisdom of four noble truths to end ‘dukha’ or sufferings so as to attain ‘nirvana’ and to ultimately become ‘arhat’ or liberated soul. Mahayana Buddhism classifies Bodhi as ‘perfection of wisdom.’ ‘To attain supreme wisdom by understanding the divine truth of life is Enlightenment’- Buddha Suzuki, a well known Japanese scholar who is also known as Rinzai Zen Monk gave the term ‘ Satori’. The exact meaning of Satori is ‘to know’. To explain it more, enlightenment is to experience insight into true nature of reality. It is to know more about reality. Zen also says enlightenment as a ‘permanent state’. Vajrayana, a tantric practicioner which comes under Mahayana calls enlightenment as a transformative state. It is like letting yourself enter in some other world or…

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Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton