Resolving the conflicts of Equilibrist & Realist

Resolving the conflicts of Equilibrist & Realist


  • The idea of Realist & Equilibrist, their conflicts, differences, perspectives on truth, Aim of philosophy, understanding of life, belief & acceptance, the normative aspects in equilibrist, the intolerance of realist, and conflict resolution of realist & equilibrist

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that is concerned with finding reality, nature of reality, pathways to truth, and reflecting upon the barriers which is concealing the truth. It covers realism, idealism, equilibrism, and many more ideas defining the reality of life. Here we will be focusing upon the two ideas of Realism and Equilibrism.

What is the most important concern of a realist? It is to know the truth, to be aware of the laws that govern the world, to find the faults in development, and observe the activities of this world. On the other hand, the Equilibrism is quite different from the idea of realism. To equilibrist, the knowledge of truth isn’t a concern. It believes that the aim of philosophy itself is not to bother about the truth. The real aim is to belief and understand. Equilibrist is not an idealist who is looking for the detailed and proper aspect of living. It just has concern about the major elements of life affecting the nature of our existence.

The major elements of life accepted by almost all the schools of philosophy are- Belief and Knowledge. This two aspects affects the quality of our life. This make us who we are. This makes us aware of ourselves without being bothered about truths. Equilibrism is Normative philosophy. The source of our belief is based on the concerns reflecting various structures of life. We wish to get educated to know the world in a better way. Education is normative, as it tells us which way to follow and which to avoid. In a similar way, the equilibrism is normative as it is concern with ‘what to do’, ‘how to do’ aspects of living. The questions of ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’ varies from person to person, and depends upon beliefs, attitude, emotions, knowledge, and perspectives. Realism is not concerned with normative philosophy, as it even questions the flow of ‘what to do’, and ‘how to do’, to get closer to reality. Realist are cautious for source, nature, pathway, and consequences of an act.

In everything, the truth should necessarily be reflected. Realist accept truly what they belief. Whereas, equilibrist may or may not accept what they belief. For equilibrist, a belief could just be an understanding, and not complete acceptance.

In my opinion, equilibrist are right in their way of philosophizing. It is because philosophy is just a matter of opinion. According to Cartwright, the aim of philosophy is to seek coherence. Cartwright has no interest on agreeing upon truth, nature, and consequences of a belief. A belief could just be an understanding, and not complete acceptance. Other Philosopher Lewis has an opinion that people can disagree and participate at the same time. In our life too, some doesn’t like their job, relationship, food, or lifestyles. But, they need to live with the pattern without raising voice for every elements they disagree upon. The Equilibrist are not intolerant for lifestyles and the way of living. The realists could be an intolerant for the flow of life, methods, and conditions.

Lewis has saved the idea of both realist and equilibrist, by pointing out the right philosophy at the right time. He says that suppose your aim is to get the truth, then we have to avoid falsehood. The false living, the concealment, the loss of identity could be safeguarded, if we choose to eradicate the negative and false elements from our life. This false elements will again depends on the beliefs and your level of understanding. The act of removing falsehood could bring us closer to truth. In this methods, we are moving towards truth, and also not leaving our understanding behind. This kind of choices which save the truth, and also maintain our beliefs, could definitely do wonders in our life.


“ Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that is concerned with finding reality, nature of reality, pathways to truth, and reflecting upon the barriers which is concealing the truth.” – Osho says that no metaphysician till date has declared with authority that he/she has actually experienced the ‘Reality’ or ‘Truth’ because this experience happens in no-mind state and through mind you cannot reach to the conclusion.
The difference between experiencing the ‘Truth that liberates’ and thinking about it-ie Philosophy, is infinite.
My article on how a person becomes authority in himself/herself is as below:
In my personal opinion every new renowned philosopher has coined a new word for defining it. Now a days biocentrism is in.

But unless and until Meditation is not practiced, the philosopher will not become an authority on its own like Jesus. Yearning to get recognised by someone or some university or at some place will keep haunting. It is like searching a needle under the street light just because there is plenty of light available while it is lost inside the house(body) which is in dark(due to ego trips).

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