Stay Positive during Pandemic!

Anuradha Malthankar  20 May’ 2021

  We all are talking about the social distancing and many of us were against these steps taken by the Government in this situation of pandemic.  But if we think positively, some greatest works were written in Isolation.  Albert Einstein had quoted : “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” Isaac Newton and  Charles Darwin, wrote their works in science in isolation.   So also Bal Gangadhar Tilak wrote the famous “Gita Rahasya” in the Mandalay jail  staying in isolation.   In isolation we emerge more creative and accomplished in our craft.  This time is right for great exploration of ideas and the best times for creation.  We can also consider new perspectives, challenges and learn new behaviors. 

The Corona vaccine was discovered in very less time due to its urgency otherwise it would have taken so many years to discover !

The pandemic has taught  great lessons to all of us – to remain grounded in humility and that each one of us needs  to be respected and live in peace.

Mental health has taken an important place in our life in this crisis.  While doing social distancing we need to think deeply about how to inculcate positive thinking and as to how to tackle our fears and anxiety. We need to understand the philosophy behind the events that are happening !

The pandemic crisis had brought all of us together under one platform and we need to tackle the situation at the community level and not individual specific.  It has also taught us to introspect  as otherwise we are all running for example we don’t have time to see the sunset!.  The most important thing is to be with your mind, to refine your thoughts and to manage life in a healthy way. 

Let us be human, be useful to others, respect others, live in the present, be compassionate to all no matter if they are your foes or friends. Compassion to be followed without any barriers. There is a need  to uplift people who are suffering from pain.

In Sutra 33 of the Samādhi  Pāda of  Patañjali Yoga Sūtras which deals with Citta Prasādanam, Maharshi Patañjali states :

“When the mind shows compassion, i.e., the wish to remove the miseries of others as if they were his own, towards those who are suffering, the dirt of  the desire to do evil by others is removed.”

 Reference: Prasad, Rama. Pātaῆjali’s  Yoga Sūtras (2014), Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, p.60

About Author
Anuradha is a Yoga Instructor and Ph.D Scholar at Mumbai University. She loves reading books, traveling, and spending quality time with her family.