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‘Moksha’ is the term used in Indian Philosophy which signifies salvation or liberation. It means to become free from the continuous chain of Birth and Death. ‘Vimoksha’, ‘Vimukti’ and ‘mukti’ are similar terms used to denote Moksha. The highest state of self-realisation or the union of a creator with creation is called Moksha. Moksha is a Sanskrit word and the literal meaning is to achieve freedom from samsara or the world. Here, Why we are stressing so much upon freedom? It is because human life is said to be in bondage. Our body is said to be a prison in which our soul resides as a prisoner. Once the Soul leaves this body, it is considered as free. So, basically, Hindu religion does believe in life after death. Death is a term which means complete destruction of the body. Death is termed as a complete cessation from all kinds of…

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