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With today’s Suicide prevention day, September 10 2020,  it seems necessary to look back at our scars, which might have occurred out of our problems,  depression, and struggles. Let’s reflect back at our scars with new perspectives to remind us again that we are strong, brave, deserve praise, and grateful for everything in our life.  Scar is a physical mark of accident,  injury,  and violence,  inflicted in the body,  either by self or others. We all must be having a scar at some point in our life. We all might have felt painful,  sad and unhappy for the scar marks in our body. There are many problems concerning scars.  For some of us, scar is the evidence of first pain we might have experienced in our life. For some others,  it’s the worst memory one could have in life.  For very few,  it’s an answer to the challenges life brings…

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