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Everyone make choices consciously or unconsciously. Man enjoys freedom through the choices he make in his life. Man is nothing else than what he makes of himself. We aren’t being-in-itself, we aren’t fixed but, we are being-for-itself and absolutely free.

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Have you ever wondered how many stages our consciousness or self passes through? If you will say; you don’t have any idea or you know somewhat. Then, here I clear all for you. Our consciousness passes through four stages and i.e., ‘Jagrat’ or when you are a knower, ‘Svapna’ when you turn into a dreamer, ‘Susupti’ when you know nothing of yourself, and ‘Turiya’ is a blissful state, the ultimate destination of self. It’s possible for us to travel through the three stages stated above, and we are doing it regularly. I will tell you how? But, one thing you should keep in mind that you cannot be in three stages simultaneously, you need to travel one at a time. Suppose you buy an ice-cream and this is because ice-cream is your favourite and you love eating it. Conclusively, you are eating an ice-cream because it’s your choice and you…

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