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Documentary Film:  Non-fiction, motion picture intended to ‘document reality’.  Documentaries are basically very short in length. It consists of educational, observational and docufictional. The purpose of documentaries are instruction, education or maintaining a historical record. The documentary can spread awareness, bring out neglected issues, clear political disputes, reflect reality and produce a quick piece for refreshment.  Documentaries are usually produced by filmmakers who wish to bring change.  The research revealed that 80% of Documentary makers have a focus to make a difference, highlighting causes of global, social, economic and individual level. Independent film-making business is on the rise due to Documentary. Internet Platforms like Youtube highly supports new filmmakers and their stories. Type of Documentaries- Poetic – focuses on feel & tone of a subject. It is mainly traditional. Expository– Documentaries with narration. Participatory- Narrator also participates like Travel blogs and food docs. Observational– filmmaker usually follows a story until…

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