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“Philosophy is an Art of Creation wherein the true Aim is Freedom“. Nikolai Berdyaev Nikolai Berdyaev’s is a Russian thinker(here usage of “is” signifies immortality of Thinkers and Philosophers). His work on CREATIVITY is the finest in the world of philosophy. He has mostly used the intuitive capacity to give us various theories on creativity. His views were not well developed concepts, but a reflection of intuitive thoughts that could have a long -lasting impact on everyone’s intellectual wisdom. In his views, Man and God need each other to continue the work of creation. Creativity is not a one-way, but a continuous divine interactions. For most of the creative artist, we have seen a strong communication to divine. Their intuitive power is cultivated as a result of interaction to divine beings. Creativity should take us to eternity. A person should be so deeply involve in creative work that he completely…

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