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Holi is the Hindu festival of colours. It is the festival of love, friendship, unity and happiness. The festival marks the victory of good over evil. The holy fire is lightened the night before the occassion of holi. This signifies the Holika Dahan, the great bonfire. Holika is the sister of King Hiranayakashyap. Holika died in the fire despite being blessed with the power of immortality. This marks the beliefs that evil is always destroyed no matter how strong it is. Holi is also celebrated as an end of the season of winter and start of summer. The holi is celebrated to heal broken relationships and personal feuds. To enhance the beauty of this day, people celebrate with colours, distribute sweets, eat delicacies, thrill with dance & loud beats, have parties, throw colours and gulals and rejoice the moments. The festival of colour, play and fun is similar to the…

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