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Yeah, that seems weird but absolutely right. We believe that practice is replica of theory, and so we want the practical methods to fit ditto with theoretical lessons. Sure, both practical and theories will match in the case of certainties. The ideas would be precisely expressed in the methods of chemistry and mathematics. But there is something interesting about philosophy practice. Here, it’s alright to have a different theory and practical rules. This is because there are no parallels between the theory and reality. And thus, philosophy practice couldn’t always be said philosophical. To bring more clarity, let’s understand the following points-  Performative philosophy or practical philosophy is about a philosopher who works in circumstances that are not so philosophical. For example, Socrates is questioning the passers-by about the weather. In this, he is pretending totally ignorant of the effect, to learn cause in a person’s attitude or beliefs(effect is…

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Philosophical encounter is a practice of philosophical counseling. It isn’t a completely defined term. It’s an idea that signifies meaningful and productive conversation with someone you never met before. This practice could result in replacing old beliefs of client with trending thoughts. It also helps to erase the feelings that don’t serve anymore. It is a journey of a philosopher into a client’s world. It is a method to remove the blocks in clients’ minds that often take away the capabilities of free thoughts and expressions. Philosophical encounter is a part of practical philosophy which helps to deal with the unexpected problems of the client. According to philosopher and counselor Leon De Haas, there are three methods in the practice of philosophy- 1. Imposing philosophical themes and concepts on someone else. 2. Extracting concepts from someone’s narratives. 3. Exploring someone’s experiences. Most of the philosophers will use the methods of…

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