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“We run towards illusionary happiness, the materialistic life. We should know that real happiness is within us. We just need to identify it.”

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Etymologically, the actual meaning of  Charvaka is not yet fully known. But some reference to ancient texts suggests that ‘Chara Vaka’ or ‘Charu Vaka’ or ‘sweet talks’ is the meaning of Charvaka. It is also said that the philosophy arises from the Sage whose name was Charvaka. The other meaning of Charvaka is ‘to chew’. Charvaka also means philosophy of Lokayukta. Lokayukta signifies People’s philosophy. Charvaka Philosophy is purely hedonistic. It follows the principle of maximization of one’s pleasure. One’s goodness is prioritized before the goodness of others. It also rejects the principle of Utilitarianism i.e., the happiness of the greatest number of people in society. The main principle of Charvaka thought is to look for one’s happiness even if others happiness is compromised. It believes in natural principles and so it is against the metaphysical systems which try to discover unseen realities. This philosophy is dependent on present conditions, it…

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