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Awareness is the state of mind in which one is consciously mindful of his or her physical body, mental states, circumstances, climate, and conditions. Here, to recognize and realize our own state, we will look at three types of awareness. Awareness of Object The first kind of Awareness is to be aware of your thoughts. One has to be watchful about thought, memories, opinions, facts, and dreams. Krishnamurti’s “choiceless awareness” discusses this kind of awareness. It says not to choose your thoughts, opinions, and judgements of anything around you or related to you. It means just to be watchful of whatever things occurring to you. Thoughts appears and disappears, it will lose its meaning when we don’t pay enough attention to it. The bridge from memory to non-memory is awareness one. Awareness of Object and Subject In this awareness, you become attentive to both thought & thinkers, perceiver & perception,…

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Why there is so much competition in being extraordinary when real happiness is in being ordinary? Extraordinary is nothing but an illusion. It is the wrong perception of the quality of self. In this vast, diverse, immense Universe why a person seeks to be extraordinary? The answer is elucidated in a most simple way by the proponent of OSHO Community – Acharya Rajneesh. He says ‘to be ordinary is the most extraordinary thing in the world’. Mediocrity, special, different, intelligence is the terms given by the society to unnecessary elevate a person. We are all humans, we all possess uniqueness; special is the wrong terminology to define the self. A person is being praised, awarded and exemplified if he showcases his extra hidden talents to others. It is to understand that there is nothing wrong in showing our nature and character. But, when a person starts feeling great for his…

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