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Compassion is a necessity, not a luxury. Dalai Lama During this time of world crisis, every great person advise is to show compassion towards others. Compassion should be reflected in ourselves, other humans, animals, and different beings. Compassion is the tool to decrease the consequences of ongoing suffering. It is a relief from the threats of the corona, war, and personal crisis. How compassion could eliminate suffering? And the ways to bring peace are discussed further in this article The qualities of compassion are- patience, wisdom, kindness, perseverance, warmth, and altruism. A single word of compassion contains all the positive qualities of being perfect in nature. There are lots of benefits of compassion. It cannot harm others by any terms of mental, physical, and psychological disturbances. Compassion generates the positive vibes for the cause of well beings of others. Compassion is co-suffering. If a person is suffering around, then you…

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