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Forms define the reality of our life. The reality which surrounds us and the reality which we believe in. To understand more, let’s start with the concepts of ancient Greek Philosophers. When we talk about ‘forms’ in Philosophy, the theory of Plato and Aristotle rules our mind. They have their different concepts on the ‘forms’, but the notions were almost the same. The intentions as we can speak of, was to define an object under some classes to give proper identification. Plato Forms Plato ‘form’ was a purely independent concept. According to him, ‘form’ has got its different world. It’s completely different from the world of matter. They are eternal and limitless. He called the forms as ‘ideas’. It is the most fundamental thing in the universe. Aristotle Forms Aristotle forms seek a classification for all the objects in this world. It is called as an archetype for all the…

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