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1. Philosophically, Egoist is not a bad word. It’s a human biased behavior towards the self, particular community, or group. Even animals have this biased behavior wherein they give preference to their basic needs like hunger first. 2. It is an idea popular from the time of Aristotelian Nicomachean Ethics wherein he promotes that it’s good to be selfish and to think about self. Aristotle has said that to think about self is the noblest deed. And we couldn’t argue on this because self-love trend is gaining popularity day by day. 3. To get to the meaning, we need to understand the difference between ego, egotism, and egoism. Ego is a person’s sense of self-esteem, self-importance, and self-respect. Egotism is a sense of absolutely being absorbed in one-self and giving excessively importance to oneself. Egoism is to Act in one’s own self-interest or desires. To make this more clear, Ego…

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