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The art of living a happy and healthy life lies in the ancient Rig Vedic practices of ‘Yoga’. Yoga, an ancient therapy is verifiable in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The Yogic practices comprise of different Asanas(postures) and Pranayams(breathing techniques). This asanas and Pranayam is an easy and effective method for all the age groups. Notably, there are different types of yoga created particularly for different age needs. Simple Technique- Larger Benefits The simplest of yoga postures could result in the highest of health benefits. In order to derive the best of health benefits from Yoga, you don’t need to be a learned master. You could practice yoga simply at the comfort level of your home and could get rid of all the diseases. Just simple and effective guidance from a long-time yoga practitioner could show us the right directions to do the yoga techniques. As long as you practice…

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