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Excerpt The idea of Realist & Equilibrist, their conflicts, differences, perspectives on truth, Aim of philosophy, understanding of life, belief & acceptance, the normative aspects in equilibrist, the intolerance of realist, and conflict resolution of realist & equilibrist Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that is concerned with finding reality, nature of reality, pathways to truth, and reflecting upon the barriers which is concealing the truth. It covers realism, idealism, equilibrism, and many more ideas defining the reality of life. Here we will be focusing upon the two ideas of Realism and Equilibrism. What is the most important concern of a realist? It is to know the truth, to be aware of the laws that govern the world, to find the faults in development, and observe the activities of this world. On the other hand, the Equilibrism is quite different from the idea of realism. To equilibrist, the knowledge of…

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