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Cinema is vast. It is impossible to learn every aspect of it from a book, article or a blog. It is only through experiences that we can know the depth of the cinema. In this blog, experiences(film making & directions) of Satyajit Ray has been selected from his book ‘Deep Focus” published by Harper Collins. Satyajit Ray(1921-92) was one of the greatest film-makers of his time. His first film Pather Panchali(1955) won an award at the Cannes film festival and established his reputation as a major director. He is the only Indian to receive Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.    Area of focus would be ‘The Film Maker’s craft”. In the words of Satyajit Ray, ‘A film must achieve its objective.’ Further essential tools of film-making are collected in fragments here: Cinema is a Language. There is also a Language of images, sound and culture.  (Satyajit Ray)Gregory currie believes in cinema…

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