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Stress is any reaction to change. The change could be certain or uncertain, expected or unexpected, avoidable, or unavoidable. It could be anything that brings a feeling of discomfort in our life. stress= number of stressful situations/ the ability to cope. Stress is directly proportional to the number of stressful situations. In case, the number of stressful situations increase, the stress would increase. If we could avoid stressful situations, then we can remove stress. This could be possible by altering the pattern of our lifestyles. Also, Stress is inversely proportional to the ability to cope. If stress is high, the ability to cope up would be lower. The ability to cope up with stress also varies from person to person. It is because a person has different physical and mental abilities to get rid of stress. In another way, raising our abilities to tolerate stress could help to remove stress.…

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