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What is happiness? Generally, happiness is the perception of human being towards the quality of life. Happiness depends on multiple factors which varies from person to person. The context of this article is to explore happiness and multiple factors benefiting individual as a whole. Cause of happiness – Physical satisfaction: Adjustment to climate, surroundings, and individual living conditions. – Needs fulfillment (both primary & secondary): Primary as hunger, thirst, shelter, sex. Secondary as education, achievement, profession, business, social support, family background, motivation, etc.   – Goal accomplishment: includes both short term goal and long-term goal.   – Good social connection: friends circle, peer groups, social media activity.   – Supportive family: family cooperation in education, career and life partners.    – Emotional wellbeing: emotionally satisfied and not affected by any mental and psychological disorders.   – Growth of conscience: ability to choose between right and wrong.   Correlation of happiness…

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