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“Yes, I am successful in life and so people follow me, take my advice, appreciate my works, and try to be my friends.” They try to please me and make long lasting relations with me. They assure me of any help in my bad times. And they count their name as my well-wishers. My attitude is nice and so people stick around me. Now look down! Yes! Towards Failure! “But, before this successful life, I was a complete failure. I remember how people would use to avoid me. My nice personality and well manners won’t please them. They won’t ask for my advice on anything. They feel unlucky to be my friend. They never invited me to parties. I was a total shame in society.” Are you also a victim of such situations? Do you feel sick for people’s changing attitudes? If so, read on, and get a wonderful pack…

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The expectation is said to be the best surprise in the world. It is a belief or sometimes our own thinking. It is the probability of an occurrence of an event or an activity. You expect something, and when it turns true, you are thrilled and feel as in cloud nine. The probability of an occurrence of an event depends on the awareness or knowledge of a situation. If you are fully aware of the situation, then you know an event would likely to take place. But, if you don’t know the situations much, you expect the luck to be at your side. So, expectations, no doubt give you an ultimate chance to believe in your luck in a situation. You would readily accept all the norms and false beliefs which could help in increasing the probability of the event happening. It won’t be wrong to say that expectations give…

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