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Dalai Lama: “Compassion is a necessity and not a Luxury.” Here we are going to discover the origination and advancement of ‘compassion’ from a simple ‘sensations’. We need to know the importance of ‘compassion’ in our life, so as to adopt it as one of the important values from the humanistic perspectives. The fruit of happiness could ever be obtained when one involves in a self-transforming process by adopting ‘compassion’ in lives. Knowing sensations Sensations are mainly called as a physical feeling with reference to an object or a body. It is a kind of biological process where our sensory receptors receive stimulus from other object or body and in return passes meaningful responses to it. The sensory receptors in us are- Visual( mostly related to vision) Auditory(mostly related to sounds) Gustatory( taste receptors & taste buds) Olfactory(related to smell) Somatosensory receptors(related to one’s skin or within one’s body). “A…

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