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Shabda Pramana is a concept which included testimony of a trustworthy person as the ultimate source of knowledge. Shabda Pramana or verbal testimony is making an important contribution as one of the sources of knowledge in the traditional Indian context of philosophy. As a result, many thinkers and philosophers have started pushing the masses into a belief system of eternality, reality, truth and vastness of ‘Shabda’ or words. They started propagating the theory of shabda pramana as an important source of knowledge. According to them, there are no other sources which could be compared to shabda pramana. And it is considered as a genuine and superior knowledge in Indian epistemology. It is well understood that shabda pramana has its major role in cultivating knowledge deeply, but this could not be considered as the superior of all the known sources. The reasons are many. To justify this point and to understand…

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