The Cosmic Dance

The Cosmic Dance

We have learned in our High school science that matter is everything around us. It consists of mass and takes space. A matter is created when multiple particles are combined in a space. This combination occurs in dynamic patterns. The patterns have certain amount of energy. When a patterns(or energy) get disturbed, then that particular matter get dissolved, and a new matter is created. With this perspective, Matter is indestructible and could be transformed from one form to another. It means that whatever matter is there in the Universe is never completely extinct, the energy( or mass) in it, always remains. This is the principle of conservation of Energy.

This interaction of energy is very dynamic and unpredictable. Their nature of interactions is still a mystery. In the formation of a new matter (or particle), the old energy is exchanged and forms a unique pattern. Because of these distinct patterns, the new creation is totally different. This continuous variation of energy leading to the formation of new particle is called a cosmic dance. The whole universe is thus in endless motion and activity- a continuous dance of energy. The dynamic movements of energy to form a pattern is very interesting concept. A certain pattern creates a single unit of particles. And the combination of multiple particles forms a matter. This suggests that the pattern is never fixed and long-lasting. It always goes on converted to some or other patterns since the time of its creation. The amount of time a pattern resists, a matter exists. The moment pattern is disturbed, the matter is disturbed or destroyed. This universal cosmic dance is the reason for our existence. This is proof that some form of activity always keeps on occurring, and it doesn’t matter we exist or not-exist.

The rhythmic dance of creation and destruction is taking place in each & every being, and also in the universe among stars as well as other planets. The dance of Shiva- the warrior God in Hindus, symbolizes the universal activities of the cosmic dance. The dancing Shiva depicts the eternal truth that the world is Maya or illusory. It never remains same, and it always keeps on changing. The change occurs by a ceaseless form of energy. This energy forms a pattern, and when the sufficient amount of energy is established at a place, by continuous force(or change in pattern), then particle(or matter) is formed.

The moment an atom perishes, that moment a fresh atom comes into existence. Incessantly this happens and it looks as if it happened of its own accord.

Guru Vachaka Kovai Saying 667

By this theory, could we relate that a being never dies, energy is always left, even after the destruction of physical bodies? Yes, it’s relatable, but controversial too. It is because the whole idea of the soul, energy, after-life is complicated and left unproved with minimum evidence.

The Quantum theory in Modern physics also reveals that all the particles self-interact by emitting and re-absorbing virtual particles. This nature of their interaction if discovered. Then, it won’t be difficult for humanity to participate in the unique process of creation and destruction, at an origin state.

Reference: Ramana Maharshi’s Philosophy of Existence and Modern science by J. Sithamparanathan

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