The Real Beauty

The Real Beauty

There was a time in everyone’s life; when one would look at the mirror and feel sick for the not-so-desirable appearance. In this age also, youngsters are involved in adopting various methods to enhance their beauty and cover their dark spots. While there is nothing wrong in hiding the spots, but it’s like an offense on neglecting the real beauty of self. We should be able to realize the real self. And proceed with God’s gift with no regrets.

The beauty company is selling the wrong idea of beauty. The idea of beauty isn’t in appearance or sensations. The real idea of beauty is in reflection- the reflection of internal thoughts & actions.

The beauty is defined by our perception. It is the way we see our-self. It is on us to define the world as beautiful or ugly. It is our own choice which we should take very carefully.

Throughout our life, we neglect our beautiful body. We form a wrong judgment on it. We try to change it unnecessarily. In the end, we may succeed in changing it the way the world wants to see it. But, we would still feel unsatisfaction deep inside us.

Beauty & Aesthetics

Aesthetic is the branch of philosophy where the concept of beauty is studied, analyzed and improved. Aesthetic is derived from the Greek word aisthetikos which means perception. Beauty is always in the eyes which see. People should realize the beauty of real-self or the original self instead of running for the fake or external one. The internal beauty is everything. It’s always the thoughts, the words and the actions which reflect the internal beauty of an individual and matter most in our life.

Spending money to alter our looks is a waste of time and efforts. To move for the higher goal in one’s life, one should learn to accept the true face and try to live with it. The soul’s beauty is the only real beauty. The internal beauty is permanent but the appearance is only for the time being. The internal beauty should be nourished for the happier and healthier future.

When we are carried by the outer appearances, we often miss the real nature of the self. We keep on revolving in the world of Maya or fake world. To come out of the fake world, one should concentrate on the real nature of the self.

To define my views in a more lucid way, I have put an efforts to define the internal beauty of a soul in a poetic form, please read and share your comments to discover the concepts of beauty in a more broader perspective.

“Fading Beauty”

During the long lost time,
The mirror hated the appearance of mine.
The hair, the face, the nose, the fat;
Everything was a big blot to my fate.

On the treatments of my treasure,
I wasted my days of pleasure.
In a wish to get my dream fame,
I spoilt my inner soul’s name.

Time passed and I gained nothing.
I wasted my days on all sufferings.
I didn’t appreciate my soul,
Never realized the beautiful core.

The reality was hard to believe;
My soul was always in grieve.
And the day I realized the same,
I grew into an old ugly frame.

Today I may look not-so-good.
But, I adore my unfiltered photoshoots,
And feel worthy of self-hood.

I started loving my depth,
And I forget the blame & shame;
the misjudgments of my old claims.

The battle of beauty, I may have lost.
But, my consciousness got enlightened,
And I won my soul.

Today I understand the forever truth,
The beauty is always in the beholder’s look.



Wow !Great work madhvi ! Loved the poem,
It has heart and soul in it !
Keep up the good work

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