Treat Your Mind, Body & Soul

In the world of Himalayas, there is no Ego; but Beauty, Acceptance, Pride, and Harmony.

Mountains Twinning - Enjoy individual uniqueness in being universally same

If you want to know the beauty of words, Ask the one who reads.
If you want to know the beauty of life, ask the one who lives.


When you feel afraid of Dark, Look straight to clouds, you will realize darkness is just an empty space where your inner brightness fills light. 

Absorb yourself into nature

There is no need to understand everything around, some things are only meant for Experience.

We created Botany or plant science for study of plants, Meteorology for study of clouds, weather, climate and Limnology for studying both natural and man-made lakes. 

Look at the texts..How complicated I made the things? 

Now look at the picture, you will understand everything by simply absorbing in its depths of beauty!  

Nature could give you Everything.
A higher Education? A promising career? Or a settled life?
Now Listen..
What does Nature need from you? 
Love.. Lots of Love!!
Harmony among all..
Respect for every other being.
Could you give? 

Hey Young People! Let's drive into nature!

The journey of the road never ends;
It is only the eyesight that grows tired of seeing.
The journey of the soul never ends;
It’s only your body that grows tired of being.
Life and death are just a series of events;
Only love, beauty, and memories last forever.
Hindi Translation ..
राहों का सफर कभी खत्म नहीं होता;
केवल दृष्टि ही है जो देखते-देखते थक जाती है।
आत्मा की यात्रा कभी समाप्त नहीं होती;
केवल आपका शरीर ही अपनी क्षमताओं में सीमित है।
जीवन और मृत्यु केवल घटनाओं की एक श्रृंखला है;
बस प्यार, सुंदरता और यादें हमेशा के लिए रहती हैं।
Location: Panvel-Matheran to Panvel-Tamasi Jod Marg,Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 
Season: Rainy days 
Travel mode: Bike, Cycle, Car, Auto.

Nearest Railway Station – Panvel Jn.
Distance from Mumbai Airport– 50 km
Video Courtesy: Bharat Pandeppa

A picture says a thousand words !

Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra, India  
Season: Rainy days 

The road to our life’s journey never ends; we just occasionally need to travel silently through a tunnel in solitude.

Location-  Adai waterfall, Panvel, Maharashtra

Rainwater does more than just fall; it takes us on an infinite journey of hope, future, happiness, love, and creation.