When the Student is ready, the Master will appear

When the Student is ready, the Master will appear

You might have heard the phrase ‘Mastery comes by preparedness’. But the phrase, ‘Master comes after preparation or readiness’ is something new to hear. In Indian Philosophy, Master is commonly called as Guru. Guru has a very important role in the life of everyone. The king, scholars, Army, citizens, all used to had their Guru during Ancient times. In today’s Modern time, a Guru is commonly called as an advisor. It could be your family advisor, religious advisor, financial advisor, marriage advisor, or health advisor. The Guru-disciple relationship is continuing from a long period of time. Despite the rising technology, and an instant answers in the google search bar, the importance of Guru could not be neglected.

Everyone needs Guru because they pursue to rise high from their current status. They seek transformation and thus, they are willing to listen to someone having adequate knowledge, experience, and skills. One with persistent touch with Guru could feel a different kind of healing within them. They see their life turning bright, and their sufferings getting eliminated. Guru is one who continuously motivate a person to act better way. It is like a hammer striking at a hot iron, and giving it a proper shape. The act of surrendering to Guru’s advise transforms a person into a better one. In ancient days, surrendering to Guru was known to be the noblest act. Every path the Guru chooses, the disciples had to follow. Once the Guru believed the disciple to be ready, he would wave off him to his self-journey. In present days, we have the freedom to choose our Gurus, and we also have the freedom to follow or not follow the advise. Today the disciple has an option to explore path for self, and find out its validity by experiences. In Buddhist too, Guru trains his disciples to select their path by experiences rather having blind faith in authority. Shankara’s Guru also placed reason on par with scriptural authority, and constantly made the students to test and verify the teachings.

In Gurukul days(disciple staying with masters), disciples would follow each and every routines of their Gurus. And when the Guru believed their trainees to be perfect for learning, they will transfer the valuable knowledge and skills to them. This ensures the students preparedness, interest, beliefs, attitude and mental capacity in grasping the valuable knowledge which Guru wanted to share. This is a very important lesson for today’s generation. Today, we have Gurus available everywhere, and we are sometimes so confused, that we doesn’t even know what knowledge to seek, and which learning to adapt. In all this, we keep on trying wide variety of things, and lose the chance to gain expertise. We may be enjoying the whole process of learning, and acquiring skills. But, there are some areas where destination matters rather journey itself.

‘When the student is ready, the master will appear’

‘When the student is ready, the master will appear’ is a best phrase to keep alive the strong bondage of student-master relations. Once you are ready physically, mentally, spiritually, then there is nobody, who could stop you from reaching to your masters to gain mastery. Once we have completed the background work to acquire something new, then the path to reach to our Gurus becomes clear. In all these, the Guru too realizes the values of sharing the knowledge to you, the knowledge which Guru received by tough practice and perseverance. In Karate or martial art practice, some students might be aware of the constant repetitions of same moves throughout year. Some students get so fed up, that they leave their practice routine in mid. Some students would continue for a longer time, and also become expert in that particular moves or skills. After the perfection in a moves or stance, the master teaches the other skills, and the same process goes on repeating till perfection. This makes us clear that Master helps us with new knowledge and skills, only in case we are ready to acquire it. If the Master would share the skills without students preparedness, then the time would be wasted, and the risk to learn a wrong procedure increases.

In today’s world of technology, it’s very important for learners to be active in the process of learning. After complete physical or mental preparedness, a student should start learning a skill. They should involve in continuous practice, and should have a long-term goals for acquiring any skills. This article is best in the interest of passion lovers. They have the tendency to reach at the level of perfection, and make a profitable outcome out of it. For the passion lovers, we could see a complete preparedness. Also, it becomes easy for them to get right Guru for honing their skills.

To conclude, we are well aware of the changing times. Previously, the Guru used to choose their disciple, and now the disciple chooses the Guru. In all this, one thing is clear that right skills or knowledge could be achieved only after complete preparation and understanding of subject. To teach the skills, Master could come for our help, only after complete readiness.

Reference(Book): As a Man Thinketh by James Allen


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